Calm and courageous, Geon is strongly connected to the Earth and, through everything he does, he tries to create harmony between humans and nature. He is an explorer by definition and loves all forms of life, even those we do not see with the eye, protecting them. Geon seeks to prevent natural disasters and teach us how to better protect nature and the earth's resources. He is passionate about understanding the past of life forms on earth and how he can preserve them in the future. Geon helps people find their compass in relation to nature and its forms of terrestrial, aerial or aquatic life.


• The power to leave the mountains in their place and protect life and nature

• The power to revive forgotten forms of life, the power to cleanse the waters

• The power to create harmony between man and wildlife

• The power to find the roots of mankind in the depths of the Earth

Where can you find Geon?


Rock • Chill • Romanian Traditional Music


Grey’s Anatomy • Seven Years in Tibet • Dr. House • Vikings • Ice Age • Avatar


Swimming • Folk dance • Jogging • Water and mountain sports

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