A natural thinker, Humanum is oriented towards self-knowledge and the discovery of new meanings of the spirit and the world. He is still trying to understand if Socrates' definition of love is the right one. Humanum understands the human diversity and cultural richness of this world and is fluent in foreign languages. He puts man at the center of his concerns and actions and knows that the future can be better if we know how to look wisely at the past. He is a good listener, but he also knows how to ask questions.


• The power to find and tell the truth

• The power to make people love themselves and others

• The power to understand and make sense of the good

• The power to ask the best questions

• The power to change the future through the magnifying glass of the past

• The power to fight hate through words

• The power to unite the people of Babylon through language

Where can you find Humanum?


Dance • Indie • Reggae


Saving Private Ryan • The Pianist • Anne Frank • Life of Pi • Harry Potter


Yoga • Ballet • Sport dancing • Medical gymnastics • Badminton

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