Machina often and intensely looks to a better future for humans (and robots). For Machina, the safety of people is important because, although he only thinks about formulas or writing code, he has feelings. His world is the world of numbers and formulas, which he uses to invent new technologies. He has about 30 robots at home, from the robots that help with chores, to the pets, with which Machina sometimes has a great time. He designed some of them himself. Machina sees the future - the technological future of mankind - and carries us safely to it.


• The power to create the reality of SF movies on Earth

• The power to understand new worlds and ways of communication

• The power to teach people to love robots

• The power to open the horizon of new forms of intelligence

• The power to reform science through technology

Where can you find Machina?


Dance • Punk • Rock


Black Mirror • Inception • The Matrix • Her • Big Bug • Ex-Machina • Raised by Wolves • Star Wars


Tae Bo • Self Defense • Karate • Handball

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