Energetic and ambitious, Numera correctly calculates both the present and the future. He understands nature and would like to be able to control it, but he obeys its written and unwritten laws. He distinguishes between laboratory chemistry and human chemistry, although he does not always like people and often avoids them. The numbers are spinning in the mind of Numera faster than the surrounding life. For him, the worlds he creates in the lab, or simulates on the computer, are possible and sometimes desirable. This is because the people who find themselves in the character of the Numera live in harmony, no matter how different they are. He is one step ahead of everyone every time because he always asks himself the most questions. And for most of them, he finally finds an answer.


• Puterea de a transforma viața în chimie și chimia în viață

• The power to define life and its manifestations by numbers

• The power to build a shield against nuclear weapons

• The power to fight for life by mastering numbers

Where can you find Numera?


Punk  Rock


Ben10 • Pokemon • Tinerii Titani • Interstellar • A Beautiful Mind • Primer • The Immitation Game • 2001: A Space Odyssey • The Big Bang Theory


Chess  Athletics • Fitness • Bodybuilding • Basketball

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