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the superhero gallery of the University of Bucharest expands its team!

Today we present the superheroes who, through their powers, change the world every day. Join them and come and grow your strength!

The University of Bucharest is the community that believes in the ability of superheroes and gives them the strength to act for a better world. Whether he fights for an inclusive and just society or finds solutions to the most complicated health issues or discovers new technologies for an easier and more environmentally friendly life, the UB superhero is the one who uses the power of knowledge and good.

We, at the University in the heart of Bucharest, train every year, at the 19 #superfaculties, new generations of superheroes: brave, fair, fighters, open to knowledge and exploration, innovators. What superhero would you like to be?

The UNIBUC Superhero Project is an initiative of the University of Bucharest established in collaboration with the students of the study programs of the 1st year of BA in Animation and the 3rd year of BA in Screenwriting-Film within UNATC “I.L. Caragiale”, Bucharest, with the participation of lecturer Iulia Rugină, PhD and Radu Pop, PhD candidate.The team of UNATC was coordinated by associate professor Matei Branea, PhD

In the development of UNIBUC Superheroes project, initiated by professor Marian Preda, PhD, Rector of UB, the following people from the University of Bucharest were involved: professor Gabriel Jderu, PhD; lecturer Alexandru Andrășanu, PhD; lecturer Delia Popescu, PhD; lecturer Mircea Sava, PhD; Ioan Miclea, PhD candidate; Larisa Pîrvan; associate professor Vasile Bercu, PhD; lecturer Anamaria Nicola, PhD and lecturer Constantin Vică, PhD.

Last but not least, in the shaping of the story of UNIBUC Superheroes, the following people from the National University of Theater and Cinematography „I.L. Caragiale”, Bucharest, were involved: Alexandra Pășcan, Alexia Badea, Andreea Dragomir, Carmen Dumitru, Eugen Munteanu, Ioana Mirea, Maria Sărățeanu, Petru Bojan and Teodora Turicianu, students of BA in Animation, 1st year, as well as Roxana Bălăneanu, Eliana Bărbieru, Elena Călinoiu, Luci David, Iris Irodi and Cătălina Popescu, students of BA in Screenwriting-Film, 3rd year.

We hereby thank all the people involved in the development of the UNIBUC Superhero project.

© Copyright 2022. The University of Bucharest reserves the copyright on the written content, and also on the images displayed on this website. UNIBUC Superheroes is a project of the University of Bucharest established in collaboration with UNATC “I.L. Caragiale”, Bucharest.