Always among the people, Sociona is concerned that things will work out well in the community. He believes in justice and is not afraid to act in order for society to protect and promote human rights. Sociona is a passionate activist and goes to the protests that militate for the values he believes in. He knows that only educated and well-prepared citizens can have a better life. He is watching the state institutions, because he wants to change and also contribute to the construction of responsible and resilient public institutions. 


• The power to bring harmony to society and world peace

• The power to make people understand and value diversity and the power to destabilize stereotypes and prejudices

• The power to empathize with the cleavages of the world

• The power to help people to think freely, to argue and to express themselves

• The power to stand by the truth and do justice

• The power to change people's lives for the better, through state policy and decisions

Where can you find Sociona?


Dance  Rock  Jazz  Pop  Indie


House of Cards • The Notebook • The great Debaters • 12 Years a Slave • The Lord of the Rings • Game of Thrones


Aerobics • Zumba • Ping-pong Tennis  Volleyball

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